Dr Arledge’s knowledge and compassion is evident in the way she treats my horses. She went above and beyond what I had expected in a veterinarian.

When my horse colicked, she not only spent the time to make sure I was educated and what I had to do to ensure my horse’s health, she also had me call her back several times through out the night with updates.

Thank you Dr. Cindy!

Liz Liverman, Equine Gestalt Coach, Goochland, Virginia

My trail riding buddy, Gian, came up lame from the field. I couldn’t figure out what had happened, so I called Deer Creek. Dr. Jim McGrain came out and we did a battery of test to figure out what might be the problem. There was no obvious signs of injury, and the horse was not sensitive on his feet.

Dr. McGrain figured out it was a tendon injury and we elected to do the shockwave therapy treatment. I can’t believe how quickly my horse has recovered!

Lisa Whistler, Consultant

My young pony had a severe allergic reaction. I called Deer Creek and they came immediately. My pony had severe hives, and his face and throat had swollen up so much, only one nostril was barely open. Dr. Arledge immediately took stock of the situation and made me feel at ease. I knew my horse was is great hands.

Kudos to Deer Creek Equine!

Becci Dougherty,