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The Golden Years

Some things just get sweeter with time. We love our “golden oldies” so as responsible owners, we need to make sure that they’re getting the helping hand they may need in order to age gracefully. In this article, we’ll touch on a few key points to remember when managing our mature herd members. 1)      Senior Dental...
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Strangles: Dispelling the Myths

Strangles: Dispelling the Myths  The intranasal strangles vaccine can limit a horse's clinical signs, if not prevent the disease altogether. Photo: Erica Larson, News Editor
Strangles. Even the common name for this bacterial disease—caused by the sinister Streptococcus equi—sounds like something of legend, a cautionary tale inscribed by medieval monks. The abscesses and pus-laden nasal discharge...
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Heaves, COPD, RAO, or Simply Equine Asthma

Heaves or broken wind are terms used for decades to describe an allergic respiratory disease of mature to older horses manifested by increased breathing effoarts at rest and chronic coughing. Over 40 years ago, a German veterinarian H. Sasse used the term chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) to describe horses with heaves becuase of similarities...
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Has your horse been diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome with evidence of radiographic changes? Dechra has received FDA approval to produce and distribute a new bisphosphonate drug that in clinical trials has resulted in at least a 1 grade improvement in lameness in 75% of cases. Osphos which is very similar to Tildren works by inhibiting...
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