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Scheduling & Emergencies

Deer Creek Clients, Summer may be in full swing, but our vets are as busy as ever! We are so grateful to all of our clients for their continued support and trust. To schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians, please reach out directly to the main office at 804-598-3759. While our vets may use their...
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2013 Practitioner’s Seminar for Farriers and Veterinarians

Dr. McGrain recently attended Blue Ridge Equine Clinic's 2013 Practitioner's Seminar for Farriers and Veterinarians. The meeting focused on Equine Podiatry with topics centered around current thoughts on therapeutic shoeing, managing techniques for equine foot infections, and management of acute and chronic laminitis (founder). Some interesting information discussed was the expanding use of sterile maggots to aid in resolving severe foot...
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