Client Education


Deworming: Read our letter about Deworming Practices.  If you have any questions, please contact us. You can also read the brochure from Pfizer/Fort Dodge on Equine Parasite Control.

Vaccinations Definitions and Schedules:

Find out when to vaccinate your horse or what that acronym for the vaccine means. Also read more about signs of toxicity for each illness.

Colic Prevention: What you can do to help prevent colic.

Toxic Plants : Unsure what that plant is? Learn about route of transmission, signs of poisoning and what to do if you think your horse has ingested a poisonous plant. Also view pictures of what each plant looks like.

Top 10 Winter Survival Tips for Horses: At Deer Creek Equine Clinic, we want to help you give your horses the best care possible. So we have put together our top ten suggestions for surviving the winter.


IM Injection SitesGiving IM injections:

Learn to give an IM injection by watching this helpful video, or using this handy diagram to help you pinpoint the areas to give the injection.