Has your horse been diagnosed with Navicular Syndrome with evidence of radiographic changes? Dechra has received FDA approval to produce and distribute a new bisphosphonate drug that in clinical trials has resulted in at least a 1 grade improvement in lameness in 75% of cases. Osphos which is very similar to Tildren works by inhibiting bone resorption by binding calcium phosphate crystals thus reducing bone pain. Clinical improvement is typically most evident at 2 months after this first injection and 65% maintained their level of improvement for 6 months. Subsequent injections can be administered as needed to help maintain improvement. While the drug has been approved based on the navicular syndrome model other types of bone related pain may benefit from this drug as well. At 1/3 the cost of Tildren, Osphos offers an excellent option for treatment of navicular syndrome. Call Deer Creek Equine today for your evaluation and consideration of this treatment.

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