2013 Practitioner’s Seminar for Farriers and Veterinarians

Dr. McGrain recently attended Blue Ridge Equine Clinic’s 2013 Practitioner’s Seminar for Farriers and Veterinarians. The meeting focused on Equine Podiatry with topics centered around current thoughts on therapeutic shoeing, managing techniques for equine foot infections, and management of acute and chronic laminitis (founder).

Some interesting information discussed was the expanding use of sterile maggots to aid in resolving severe foot related infections and necrotic tissue with chronic founder cases. The use of stem cells via distal regional limb perfusion to stimulate improved hoof growth in horses that have had significant hoof wall resection in association with severe laminitis.

With the seminar open to Farriers and Veterinarians it brought up the importance of communication, and having a good veterinary / farrier relationship when working on a mutual client’s horse. The biggest crossover occurs when a problem arises, whether it be medical or performance related.  This is where the invaluable tool of radiography comes in to play.  It allows all parties to be able to visualize the orientation of the coffin bone within the hoof capsule and the alignment of the hoof pastern angle, which is at times difficult to determine without the aid of this diagnostic tool. Having radiographs to determine this information greatly aids in selecting the best treatment and trimming / shoeing options for the individual patient.  

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