Diagnostic Equipment

Digital Radiography

We offer digital radiography which provides us with increased diagnostic capability to view images of bone/soft tissue areas of concern. Digital images are available immediately allowing for quick, on-site assessment of problems. Our equipment provides us with the ability to manipulate the images on the computer and enhance specific areas of the image allowing better visualization of the problem area. The superior quality of the images as well as the ability to electronically store and retrieve images allow us to provide our clients with the highest standard of care.


We provide endoscopy procedures to equine patients at our clinic or on your farm. Endoscopy involves using a small camera on the end of a tube, called an endoscope, to take images of the body as it is passed along the desired surface to be examined, (i.e the airway esophagus, airway). Upper and lower airway endoscopy involves the examination of the airway (trachea) and pharyngeal regions, including the guttural pouches.

Digital Ultrasonograpy

This is a practical imaging modality to evaluate soft tissue injuries of the equine limb and other soft tissue structures of the body. It allows for visualization of tendons/ligaments, and to identify, confirm and monitor soft tissue injury. Evaluation of the tissue size, shape and echogenicity  (the whiteness/brightness) of a structure, fiber pattern, and surrounding inflammatory reactions are all possible with digital ultrasound. These images can be stored electronically and are easily available for review, allowing us to provide the highest standard of care in this area for our clients. Digital ultrasound is also utilized for reproductive purposes.