Pre-Purchase Examination


Pre-Purchase Examination

A purchase examination is a thorough physical examination of the horse to provide you with information regarding any existing medical problems and to discuss these with you so that you can make an informed purchase decision. We can only advise you about the horse’s current physical condition. ¬† The guidelines we follow in doing the examination are current with the standards set by American Association of Equine Practitioners.

It is important that you discuss with us which tests are most important for your particular needs and use for the horse.

In a basic prepurchase examination, the following are evauluated:

The horse’s medical history, including vaccination and deworming schedules, feeding, and the use of any supplements or medications. It may be necessary to get permission from the owner or agent to review the horse’s medical history.

A physical examination of the horse including; temperature, pulse, rhythm, character, quality of heart, respiration, oral cavity, teeth, eyes, and vision.

Musculoskeletal exam of the horse including: all four feet, all four legs, limb and body conformation, the body and limbs for signs of previous injuries or disease, flexion tests done while trotted out and viewed on a circle, hoof test all four feet,a neurologic exam, horse viewed under tack (if desirable by purchaser).

Other exams and services which may be requested within a prepurchase exam (note additional charges may be applied) include: radiographs, reproductive exam, CBC blood profile, fecal test, drug test, and upper airway endoscopy.