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With the heat index climbing this week, we wanted to send out a quick reminder on how important it is to keep your horses hydrated and cool!

A few recommendations from our vets to help your horses during these heatwaves:

- Give access to clean, fresh water around the clock - Electrolytes twice daily in feed - Free choice salt (white salt!) - Soak feed and/or wet hay to increase water consumption and reduce the risk of choke - If traveling, consider keeping electrolyte paste on hand or consider adding electrolytes or flavoring to your horses water to make it more enticing - Exercising only early in the morning or late afternoon - Provide shade and airflow - Be sure your horse is sweating properly - if not, a consult with your vet may be needed

As always, if your horses are acting lethargic, breathing very heavily, or show signs of choke or colic please contact us immediately! Our vets are on call 24/7 to care for your horses.

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